Functional silicon heat transfer stickers for clothing

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What is the difference between silicon heat transfer stickers and thickness heat transfer stickers?There is also a three-dimensional effect.thickness heat transfer stickers can replace silicon heat transfer stickers?

In fact,this based on the quality required to decide,thickness heat transfer stickers consist of water-based ink to brush up.After it is formed by twisting,pultrusion and other related actions,you can see small crakes.Silicon heat transfer stick is liquid steel molding process, the above situation does not occur,the texture is more softer.

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Silicon heat transfer printing also called silicon heat transfer stickers,heat transfer is a category of transfer patterns.Through the way of heat transfer, pattern transfer to the material.It uses silicon ink and glue made by a special production process,feel very soft,environmental protection,anti-stretch,washable,without glue edge,not color migration,to maintain the same pattern of bright colors for a long time.The thickness can be processed according to the needs of users,the thickness can reach 1mm.Applicable to the respective cotton,chemical fiber,knitted fabrics,blended fabrics,such as costumesm,cultural shirt,jeans,dolls and so on.Widely usd in clothing,toys,footwear,sports goggles,bags,leather and other industries.

Designation:silicon heat transfer printing/silicon heat transfer stickers

  • Temperature:150℃-180℃
  • Time:12-15s
  • Pressure:4.5-5.5kg
  • Way of peeling:Tear off the backing paper after cooling
Additional Information
Trọng lượng 0.06 kg
Kích thước 5 x 0.2 x 0.1 cm